Melanie & Matt – NYC Wedding

It’s a bit nippy in January, but 1/23 was a special date to Melanie and Matt.  The day began at the Standard Hotel in Chelsea, then had their ceremony at a small church down in battery city.  They chose a really cute little restaurant in greenwich for their reception and had a really awesome laid back party.  It was truly such an amazing day!!  Everyone was excited and happy for the couple ..and had been waiting years for this day to come!  Every detail of the day was a perfect addition,  her gorgeous dress,  the florals, to the bridesmaids gifts – cozy shawls for the outdoor photos =P — everything couldn’t have been more perfect!


Stella & Andrew NYC Proposal

Andrew had been planning his proposal to Stella for a few weeks.  He had chosen the location, had the ring, had the plan and was ready to go! But never would he had thought that it would snow the day before the proposal.  The ground was full of fresh snow and another storm was rolling in soon… so he knew he had to move quick.  Andrew put together the final touches on the scrapbook he made for Stella and practiced the song that he would sing to accompany her as she looked through the book.   He was going to sing about their 12 dates, but to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.  It was really a sweet!!  We all huddled together, a group of his friends and I, hiding in the bathroom nearby the spot where he would propose.  His friends cracked jokes, calmed him down and encouraged him about his exciting future with Stella.  It was a lot of fun.  Then Andrew got the call, Stella was on her way to meet him!  So Andrew hurried over and the show began…

Then they went to go celebrate:D