Tiffany & Geoffrey Wedding – New York

Tiffany and Geoffrey are such a fun couple!  They were so cute, so loving and hospitable.  Their wedding was held at Flushing Town Hall.  It is a historical landmark, but now serves as a theater, museum and gallery space.   There was a really nice outdoor backyard space that was masked by gates filled with vines.  Tiffany had on this beautiful red dress that was both modern yet classic and worked perfectly with the venue and space.  It was really a treat to photograph.  Tiffany made all the decor herself and even had homemade jam as wedding favors! It was amazing! Here are some of my favorites from the day:





Christy & Dan Wedding – New York City

The day couldn’t be any more perfect.  It’s been such a rainy Summer, and yet Christy and Dan’s wedding day was absolutely perfect!  I was really excited to be a part of this wedding… I’ve seen this wedding from the very start; so to see it come into fruition; it was a huge joy for me!  Christy had been showing me all her ideas since day 1 and just blowing me away with some of the amazing DIY projects she made.  From the hand-made veil that her mother made for her, to every single center piece item, to the wedding favors, the programs- just about everything at this wedding was meticulously created. The venue was also gorgeous, with high ceilings that flooded the room with natural light.  Paired with the simple and elegant center pieces, it was beautiful.  Christy also got Dan a surprised Groom’s Cake. The cake was decorated with the Yankees logos and bordered by the NYC skyline- which meant a lot to Dan (who is a die-hard yankee fan).   Everything was so sweet, and the wedding was a lot of fun.  It was really great being able to see so many old faces and celebrate.  Here are some highlights: 






Jennifer & James Wedding – Central Park, NY

These two lovebirds met in Oxford (yes, the one in the UK). Jen was there, studying for her masters, and James was there, studying for his PhD.  Jen is from New York City, and James is from the UK. They fell in love while rowing together on the same team- so they share an affinity towards boats.  They are the funniest, quirkiest couple I’ve photographed with yet.  I knew Jen since HS, she’s a friend of mine at LaGuardia High School.  Since then, she’s gone all over the world to study ancient artifacts, go on digs, and write up our history!  I have a friend that is a REAL archeologist! I love it!! And she is now at Brown University doing her Ph.D and studying all the ancient works of our earth! It is SO cool.

Jen and James really wanted a “New York” wedding.  It was small and intimate affair at Central Park, but afterwards, they wanted to get photographs to remember their time in the big apple.  We hit up some pretty beautiful spots in Central Park, and then stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (for history, of course!) and then some over in Brooklyn. (Where Jen is from!).  It was such a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding ceremony and a beautiful group of people to spend time with.  I’m so happy for Jen and James and I wish them the best on their journey as husband and wife!



Elaine & Gary Wedding – Rochester, New York

Flying back up to Rochester brought back a lot of memories.  One of the things I missed most was  Java’s Coffee.  When I was in college, we had a Java’s on our campus, and that was my go-to spot for caffeine and amazing cookies.  They have THE best ‘heath’ cookies… !  To which I can only compare to Momofuku Compost Cookies… but  anyways, enough about COOKIES… I was honored to be asked to photograph the wedding of two of my good friends, Elaine and Gary- whom I had known from my college fellowship at the Rochester Chinese Christian Church.  It was a beautiful ceremony, with so many familiar faces.  It was a blast being able to party with some old-but still great- friends.  CONGRATS YOU TWO!:)

Here are some highlights from the day:






Jane & Ki Won Wedding – Sparta, New Jersey

Everything about this wedding was so adorable!!  Their venue, the Mohawk House was amazing!  It was a cute space with a western american flare. Never knew such an adorable space existed in New Jersey!  Behind the space, there was an beautiful view of mountains.  It was perfect. Tons of gorgeous daylight and had a very hip decor.  I love Jane and Ki Won- they are such an amazing and hospitable couple.  The wedding started with a ton of rain in the morning.. but the moment we got to the pier to do their first look, the sky cleared- it was a HUGE blessing. We were able to get amazing photographs!!  The wedding ceremony was very touching and the people and family they had surrounding them really lit up the reception.  Here are just some highlights from the big day: