Ha & Mark Wedding – New York City

Congrats to this adorable couple!!  I was so blessed to be able to photograph such a beautiful, loving and Christ-centered wedding of Ha & Mark.  From the funny, quirky and cute vows to the most heartfelt parent (and sibling) speeches I’ve ever heard, you can tell just how clearly these two people are loved.  This wedding was so full of love, all of the decorations– and even the food were prepared by volunteers and people who really loved them.  It was really sweet.  Here are some of my favorite highlights from the day:


Last but not least… I made a little something special for this couple!  While editing their wedding, I noticed their reception was non-stop fun and movement… so filled with dancing and fun.. SO, I decided to turn the whole night into a stop motion.  So, if you were part of their big day, be prepared to see your face somewhere within this slideshow! It’ll be a fun ride!  ENJOY!!!:)


Kira & Mikhail Wedding – Brooklyn, New York

Had the lovely opportunity to photograph this beautiful couple, Kira and Mikhail.  They are moving back to Russia soon and wanted to get married in New York City and get some beautiful photos of the city before departing.  With her custom painted high heels, and a really cute dress, Kira was beautiful as we photographed throughout the city.  We began the day in Soho then made our way down to Brooklyn.  It was a gorgeous day and we got some amazing shots!






Philina & Andy – Nolita Wedding

Philina and Andy got married in a sweet community garden and park in Nolita.  It was an intimate affair, with just close family and then a sweet reception over at The Musket Room with friends.  Philina works in the fashion industry, so her creative taste and mind had a huge part in the details, the dress and overall look of her wedding.. and it clearly shows that she has amazing taste!!  Their wedding was beautiful, romantic and fun.  Andy and Philina both personalities that fit each other so well and their love for each other was magnified through their vows and their actions towards each other.  Here are some highlights:




Jane & Ki Won Engagement Session – Brooklyn

This couple knows how to keep it cool.  Coffee, crossword puzzles and Williamsburg lovers, Jane and Ki Won decided to start their engagement shoot at Toby’s Estate Coffee, then meander around the neighborhood.  They brought a few props, including lettered mugs (to sip their delicious black coffee in) and a book called “A Lovely Love Story”.  The story behind the book: Jane bought the book for Ki Won, but before she gave it him, Ki Won bought the book to gift to Jane (without knowing she had gotten him one too!)  WHAT a LOVELY LOVE STORY!!! (hehehe)  Anyways, I loved photographing with this fun, sweet and happy couple!  Williamsburg is always an awesome spot to shoot at- there’s always something going on.  During our session, we saw a graffiti artist reveal his new work, found some cute and funny books and even a pile of cute garbage bags with characters on them- yes,  it was a good day.   After Williamsburg, we went over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoyed a quiet Thursday in the empty park.  #lucky

Check out some of my favorite shots from the session:

Ester & Stephen Engagement Session

We wanted to try something a little different.  This was a really fun shoot, we tried to find a good mixture for using my stop-motion animations to create an editorial photoshoot that told the story of Ester & Stephen’s relationship.  They’re a very relaxed couple who really love being together, whether its studying, napping, having picnics or eating together.. when they’re together- things are happy:)

So when we designed this shoot, we wanted to give it somewhat of a story of “A day with Stephen & Ester”. Enjoy! (I also added a new trick, after a previous client sent me this link: http://mashable.com/2014/02/24/3d-gifs/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link – which are gifs that are made “3D” by just adding two extra white lines.. so I wanted to give it a go)