Regine & Ryan Engagement Session

These two amazing chefs wanted to have an engagement session that would capture their personalities and their loves… for each other and for delicious food.  They began with sharing dim sum with one another as a starter, then Ryan’s famous beef noodle soup.  They topped it off with some chocolate souffles … which tasted… amazing.  Yes… as the photographer I got to try some of the food.. hehe!  It was really fun working with these two and we got some amazing shots in the process!  Here are some of my favorites:



Sharon & Lawrence NYC Engagement Session

These Canadians traveled all the way over to NYC to enjoy good food, good wine and…. and amazing engagement session!:) They wanted their sesion to encapsulate New York City and the concrete jungle that it is.  We picked a few hot spots, Times Square, Central Park and the Brooklyn bridge.. and they definitely made it work.  It was amazing because once we got to Brooklyn Bridge Park it was drizzeling a bit… mostly fog perspiration… but it made for some amazing photographs.  It was even more great because they were both super patient, super laid back and was loving it because we were creating such memorable photographs and gifs!  I had so much fun with these two,.. and definitely got some of the best photos yet in my career! Enjoy!!




Melanie & Matt Engagement Session

Shooting Melanie and Matt’s engagement session was a TON of fun. They picked out a bunch of hot spots that they frequented when they lived in the Upper West Side. They chose the subway station they always got out of, the supermarket they always shopped at, the cafe they always got their sweets on and then the gardens they used to take strolls in nearby their old apartment. This entire engagement photo shoot was everything that represented their relationship– and that’s what made it so special. Not to mention- I love shooting in the most unique places- supermarkets O__O!! Working with these two was so easy and fun and these photos definitely capture their relationship and personality. Enjoy!

Sarah & Jason Wedding – Cape Cod, MA

It was great to be a part of this wedding “on the cape”.  (AKA, on the Cod) :p  Sarah and Jason have been dating since college years and have been together since.  They are such a cute couple their wedding day was full of friends and family that came from all over to celebrate.  They currently live in Houston, TX but wanted to come back to the East Coast (they are natives) to get married.  Sarah is an amazing designer so the wedding was filled with beautiful DIY projects.  It was truly an interesting day- including a trip to the swamps:)

Alexandria & Shekhar Engagement Session

Meet Alex and Shekhar (pronounce shake-er).  These two are fun, silly, hilarious and totally fun to work with.  Alex is from New York City and Shekhar hails from New Jersey.  When we were brainstorming ideas and places for the session, we decided a bridge that brings together NY and NJ would be perfect!  So we chose the George Washington Bridge.  Knowing that, I also suggested going to Mitsuwa (a Japanese supermarket and food court) that was nearby.  This place also houses some of the best ramen on the East Coast- which worked out perfectly since Shekhar says their first date was over a bowl of ramen!  So cute!  Here are some highlights: