A&M – City College Engagement Session

Meet A&M.  I was pretty excited to photograph their engagement session- it was a cool location idea, City College on the upper west side of Manhattan.  I personally have never been to the school before and never knew how beautiful the architecture there was!  So I was very pleasantly surprised when I was scouting the area out and extremely excited to photograph them there!  One part that I love about my job is that I’m given great chances to explore and see hidden gems! Anyways, with the help of some friends (architectural students at City College- Thank you Raymond & Jess!) I was able to even get access inside and get some great shots with some of the beautiful (yet probably constantly overlooked) interiors.

Check out some of the photos! So excited about how they came out!:)



Tiffannie & John New York City Engagement Session

Meet Tiffannie and John!  Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Tiffannie and John have been preparing for their big day by traveling the world and getting their wedding and engagement sessions done.  Having last been in Paris, France, they knew the next place they wanted to shoot in was the Big Apple.  So they called me and wanted to get the most “New York” spots they could.  So we decided on Times Square, Grand Central Station and of course Brooklyn’s finest Bridge!  It was a extremely cold day (as following the tradition of the NYC 2014 Winter Polar Vortex year) and Tiffannie was a super-trooper, her final words for the shoot (even though she was freezing on the top of the bridge was), “It’s all worth it!!!”  Such an encouragement:)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot!



Sonya & Malek Metropolitan Museum of Art Session

Our backdrop at the Met fit them perfectly.  Sonya had volunteered there a couple years back and the Met held a very dear spot in her heart.  They were a really outgoing couple, willing to fight the herds of people at the Met to get beautiful shots.  They were patient and a gorgeous couple. Later this year they’ll be traveling to Michigan and India to celebrate with more festivities!  We’re planning to do a shoot again in Sept in their Indian garb- can’t WAIT!

Ester & Stephen – Snowstorm Proposal

Ah!  I was so honored to be able to document this monumental moment.  Stephen has been a good friend of mine for many years, and we’ve joked and talked about “that day he would get married” – (luckily I beat him to it first- haha jk!!!) but I was so happy when he revealed to me when he met someone wonderful!!  Ester has been an amazing addition to Stephen’s life, and both of them make such a power couple.  Their romance brought them all the way from San Francisco and now to New York City. My husband and I love spending time with them.. they’re so easy going, down to earth and fun to hang around…  I am so excited for their marriage and know that it will be blessed and fruitful!!

Now let me tell you about this photographic experience. It was definitely my first “snowstorm” proposal shoot and never experienced anything like so.  But it was so worth it!  New York City has been experiencing a LOT of crazy snowstorms, we seem to average about one per week these days… so this was last Saturday, 2/15/2014.  The park was a location over on 67th street and 1st avenue, which was close by to the restaurant that Stephen had planned to celebrate with Ester afterwards.  The park was a pretty flat space.. so it was really difficult to find a proper hiding place.  So when they walked in, I literally was sprawled out behind small corner of a gate, trying to get a good angle on the happenings.

Here are some photos of the event and a short little photo session we had after!  They were seriously TROOPERS with withstanding the fast whipping snowflakes!! Enjoy!!


And… then here’s my favorite shot of the shoot!: 

Finally warmed up at a nearby cafe:

Stephen bought Ester diamond earrings and a gold band as her engagement “ring”- this was something special to her and he got her exactly what she wanted! So cute and different!



Elaine & Gary – Metropolitan Opera House Engagement Session

So here again are two good friends of mine from good ol’ college years.  Meet Elaine and Gary, two lovebirds that had gotten together at the very end of my time at school and have been together ever since!  Elaine just finished up her Masters in Music Therapy and Gary is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music and is now an amazing piano teacher.  BOTH of these individuals are highly talented in music and both can play a number of different instruments.  Which is why the Opera House was such a fitting place to get their engagement photos done:)

Elaine and Gary are currently living in Rochester, NY and came all the way down to NYC to see my face (jk- to take the photos).  I’m pretttty excited to be heading back up to my old college town (Rochester) to photograph their wedding in August!